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  1. SIBU sheets – what is it?

    SIBU sheets are made of HIPS (high impact polystyrene) as a basic material. Decorative surfaces are made of: metallized foils, PF - paint foaming or  eco-leather.

  2. Where can I view designs and applications?

    All designs and some applications can be found on the producer website: www.sibu.at.

  3. How can we apply ?

    SIBU sheets are offered in both non-adhesive and extremely strong adhesive versions. A carpet knife is all that is required for cutting but you can use laser-cutting as well.

  4. Dimensions?

    Standard size is 2600 x 1000 mm

  5. How can I connect sheets?

    We recommend our connection profiles. You can also use our border and flexible edge cover profiles. Profile length is 2705 mm

  6. What is the cost?

    Price depends on design. It can vary from 200,00 to 1100,00 PLN net per piece. Cheapest are DECO-line sheets and most expensive are some of the Leather – line collection.

  7. Where can the sheets be applied?

    Sheets can be used for all decorative purposes such as:

    • furniture - fronts, blends, slide doors fulfilment etc
    • wall decoration in: bars, pubs, restaurants, recepcion desks, hotels, shops etc.
    • shop and exhibition stands

    but also in private flats e.g. instead of ceramic tiles in the kitchen.

    Honestly : all is up to your creativity!